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Wisdom Teeth Removal
Gardena, CA

Wisdom teeth (your third molars) are the last teeth to come in - and the ones least needed for good oral health. They may not erupt, or emerge from your gums, until your late teens or early twenties - if they erupt at all. Most often, they are impacted, or trapped in the jawbone and gums, usually because there is not enough room for them in your mouth.  So many times your wisdom teeth or third molars can cause shifting and/or pain.  Since there is normally insufficient room in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt properly, it is routinely recommended they be extracted.   

When wisdom teeth are partially erupted it is difficult to keep the area clean.   This can lead to tooth decay or cavity, periodontal disease (gum disease), adjacent tooth loss, and infection.

That is why, it is recommended the wisdom teeth removal be done at an early age in order to avoid future problems and to decrease the risk of surgical complications.  These complications can include increased pain, swelling, and chance of sinus exposure or numbness to your lip, tongue, cheeks, gums and chin.


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