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Do you have uneven, crowded, or crooked teeth?  You can get these misalignment problems corrected with braces.  The orthodontic treatment gradually pushes your teeth into the right place which will help you chew better, enhance the structure of your face, and give you a straighter and more beautiful smile. Our orthodontist in Gardena can help you discuss your options.

Where Should Patients Go to Get Braces?

You need to find a qualified dentist if you decide to get orthodontic treatment for your misaligned teeth.   After all, getting orthodontic devices for your teeth is a dental decision and requires a professional. Our dentists are qualified with training and experience to determine your dental treatment options and recommend the best one for your dental needs. 

At your appointment at our dental office, a braces dentist will ask you about your dental concerns and will do an oral exam. You can expect to get X-rays, pictures and an impression of your teeth in order for the dentist to recommend the best treatment and correctly attach your orthodontic devices. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

How Are Braces Attached to My Teeth?

Regardless which type of  bracket braces you choose, the procedure starts with ensuring that your teeth are clean. The  teeth are dried before we apply a cement-like glue.  Next, the metal or ceramic brackets will be positioned on the glue before it dries. Finally, the dentist will put the wires in place and use elastic bands for stability. Contact our office for more information about the application process for braces in Gardena.

Do Braces Come in Different Materials?

Our dental office offers different orthodontic options for all your braces needs.  These are different types of devices:

Metal braces — This traditional orthodontic treatment consists of metal wires and brackets which is the most noticeable option. After decades of advancements, they are much smaller and less noticeable and with the heat-activated wires to reduce the pain of moving your teeth into place.

Ceramic braces — These are the same size and shape as traditional bracket , but they are made with clear or tooth-colored brackets. The idea is to blend in with your teeth so that they are not as noticeable.  It is possible to get tooth-colored wires. The negative with clear brackets is that they can be stained if they are not properly care for.

Invisible braces — This orthodontic treatment involves wearing a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners. Similar to mouthguards, the aligners are removable, replaced every two weeks and nearly invisible. The most common brand is Invisalign.

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