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Bone Graft
Gardena, CA

Bone graft is commonly performed to replace or augment in areas of tooth loss.  Patients who have missing teeth for a extended period of time may need a bone graft procedure. When a tooth is missing and not replaced, the jawbone begins to deteriorate or shrink over time.  In some cases where the tooth is extracted and the socket preservation is necessary for future implant, bone graft material is placed to fill the void in the socket area. The bone graft combines with your natural bone and will provide a strong anchor for a replacement dental implant.

When there is severe bone loss due to gum disease, injury, and significant trauma, the bone block graft may be the best way to rebuild the bone.  A small piece of bone tissue is removed from another area of the jaw bone or cadaver bone is used, set in place, then secured with screws.   After at least 4-6 months of healing from the transplanted bone procedure, the site will be ready for dental implant surgery.

Before your bone graft procedure, it is important to discuss possible complications like possible rejection of the donor grafts and infection.   You are welcome to make appointment for a consultation with our doctor to discuss your case.

Sinus lift procedure is required when there is insufficient bone available in the upper jaw where placement of implants may interfere with the sinus cavity above. The maxillary sinuses are behind your cheekbones and on top of the upper teeth. There is often only a thin wall of bone that separated the mouth from the sinus cavity. By lifting the sinus away from the jawbone and placing the bone graft below, adequate space can be created for the bone to grow in order to support dental implants.  Then, there is no risk of damage to the sinuses when the implant is placed, around 4-6 months later when the area has healed.

Ridge expansion is a more complex form of bone grafting. It may be necessary when the alveolar ridge bone begin to deteriorate or lose density due to natural breakdown. Ridge expansion is performed to widen or heighten the jaw in order to increase the bone density and have implants placed. The bony ridge of the jaw is split surgically and bone graft material is inserted into the space made.

A minimum of 4-6 months of waiting period is required once these procedures are performed to allow the bone to heal and reach its maturity before implants can be placed. This will ensure proper strength and longevity of the implants. These outpatient procedures can all be done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort and healing time. 


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