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Oral Surgery
Gardena, CA

Some of the most common oral surgeries we offer include: Bone graft, Surgical guidance of impacted tooth, Impacted wisdom teeth removal, Simple tooth extraction, Dental implants, Frenectomy, Gummy Smile Surgery.

What to do as part of oral surgery recovery?

Your oral surgery recovery is of critical importance to the outcomes you and your dentists have discussed. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol afterward—they can slow your healing process. If you’re in any pain from swelling, use an ice pack to reduce inflammation. Rather than brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with salt water every few hours to kill off any bacteria.

Be patient with yourself. Depending on the type of oral surgery you’ve had, recovery can range from 48 hours to 1 month. Make sure you follow up with your dentist as directed.

What to eat after oral surgery?

Soft foods eaten at room temperature are the ideal foods to eat after oral surgery. Avoid consuming anything through a straw and don’t eat any hard, crunchy, or chewy foods.

Oral surgeries are common and can range from simple to complex. It is important to be prepared and to properly manage your recovery. Set up your recovery space for optimum comfort, make sure you have arranged for someone to drive you home, and give yourself a minimum of 2 days to heal. In that time, consume soft foods and regularly rinse your mouth with warm salt water.


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